Hair Solution RU58841 Powder

Reasons to Choose MV Supplements:
  1. Our Ru58841 & Pyrilutamide is Made in Small 200 Bottles Batches Weekly, This Means any Bottle you Order From us is Completely Fresh and Never Older than 1 Week
  2. We Ship all Orders Same Day if you Order Before 5pm Stockholm/Berlin time With Fast Postnord PriorityTracked Shipping.
  3. With MV Supplements you are Getting Exactly What You Pay For, Our Ru58841 is at a True 8% and our Pyrilutamide is 0.5%, We Highly Encourage Lab-Testing Of Our Products, You Can Lab-Test at ,Our Competition Often Under-Dose their Products, and They Get Away with it because Customers Never Lab-Test Their Products and They Fear the Day that a Customer does, We on the Other Hand Yearn for the Day a Customer Lab/Tests our Products.
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Size: 15g

MV Supplements is Proudly Swedish

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Purity Guaranteed, We encourage Lab-testing of our products!

If the product is not as we claim, we will pay for the cost of the lab test.

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RU58841 & Pyrilutamide are incredibly potent, this is the caliber of results that can be achieved by these powerful DHT Inhibitors.



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