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MV Supplements First Visit to Indonesia this Fall was Amazing, We have Sourced the Highest Quality, most Potent Kratom currently available, 1.76% Mitragyna...

In the heart of Indonesia, from the verdant reaches of Pontianak to the sun-soaked isles of Borneo, we've cultivated more than just kratom—we've grown enduring partnerships with the local farmers. These stewards of the earth combine time-honored cultivation with the finesse of modern techniques to bring forth Kratom leaves of unmatched quality. When you choose their harvest, you're not just purchasing Kratom; you're nurturing a centuries-old tradition of agriculture.

The journey of our Kratom leaves begins in Kapuas Hulu, a tranquil village cradled by the majestic forests of Borneo, an island the locals tenderly refer to as Kalimantan. Here, the Kratom thrives, nurtured by the rich soil and the gentle rhythm of nature. Each leaf, once ready, embarks on a 12-hour voyage to Java, where it's transformed with care—sterilized, dried to the utmost perfection, and then finely crushed. This meticulous process locks in the essence and potency of the kratom, giving you a pure, concentrated powder that's free from any trace of moisture for a longer shelf life and richer experience. 


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