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  • Is it possible to have faith in RU58841's before and after images? Are there any informal or scientific accounts that support the assertion that RU58841 can significantly slow, halt, or even reverse hair loss? Additionally, where can one purchase RU58841?

In this comprehensive analysis, we will explore all aspects related to the utilization of RU58841.

We will discuss the outcomes of RU58841 for hair loss and the process by which these results are achieved. What can you realistically anticipate?

I will also guide you on the proper application of RU58841, including the dosage, frequency, and duration required for optimal results.

Furthermore, potential problems may arise with the use of RU58841. Many avoid discussing these issues, but I will also touch on possible androgenic side effects you may encounter.

Moreover, I will inform you where to purchase high-quality RU58841 so you can begin experimenting immediately.
What is RU5884 and does it actually work?
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What is astonishing is that despite years of research for hair loss treatments, options remain fairly limited. Primarily, many of these treatments have androgenic side effects.

  • It is somewhat surprising that RU58841 has yet to undergo complete Phase III clinical trials as an anti-hair loss agent.

    French scientists developed RU58841 in the early 1970s as a potential therapy for prostate cancer.

    The concept involved applying the active ingredient topically, allowing it to be absorbed through the skin and target the prostate specifically.

Understanding the Outcomes and Mechanism of RU58841

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  • However, preliminary trials revealed no effect on the prostate, leading to its abandonment as a cancer treatment.

    Nonetheless, human trials discovered that nearly all male participants experienced increased hair growth where the cream was applied. Some even applied the cream to their scalps to stimulate hair growth there.

    ProStraken, a company, then acquired the rights to the chemical and named it PSK3841.

    Based on the documents I reviewed, the chemical underwent phase 2 (animal) studies with plans for human trials and a global market launch in 2010.

    Unfortunately, this never materialized. The company continues to own the rights, but no additional work seems to have been done; nothing has been published, and the situation remains stagnant.

  • How RU58841 functions

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  • You can only obtain RU58841 for hair loss on the gray market. These products have been recreated from the original formula and are identical to those tested.

    To comprehend its functioning, we must first understand the stages of hair loss:

    Over time, testosterone increasingly converts to DHT via a process involving 6-alpha reductase.

Although DHT is necessary, rising levels lead to hair loss symptoms.

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  • DHT increasingly binds to androgen receptors in hair follicles over time. This initiates a series of events that ultimately modify gene function. The precise mechanisms remain unclear to scientists, but the end result is a change in the hair growth cycle.

    The anagen phase of the hair growth cycle, which is associated with hair loss, starts to lengthen. This shortens the time hair has to grow, leading to weaker, thinner, and shorter hair. Eventually, this overwhelms the hair follicle's ability to grow hair, effectively killing the follicle.

    When applied topically, RU58841 is effective against hair loss. Although the exact mechanism is unknown, it has been demonstrated to counteract DHT's effects.

    It inhibits DHT from binding to androgen receptors in hair follicles. This accumulation over time allows the hair growth cycle and follicles to stabilize and even recuperate.

    This cellular recovery can be so effective that hair growth may become stronger than ever before.

RU58841 Results: How long will it take?

 how long does RU58841 take to stop hairloss?

What realistic results can you anticipate from RU58841, and how long will it take?

Let's first examine the essential facts regarding the results:
RU58841 is a non-androgenic compound that can be applied topically rather than consumed orally. It does not cause any androgen-related side effects, and when applied to the scalp, it supports the restoration of normal hair follicle growth. RU58841 encourages the anagen cycle to normalize and inhibits DHT from attaching to androgen receptors in the scalp without affecting DHT and testosterone production.

Now, let's discuss the expected results and timeframe based on personal experiences.

First, hair loss will slow down considerably, and after about six months, the rate of hair loss will be even slower. Consistent use can postpone hair loss for an extended period.

Second, hair loss may halt completely while using RU58841, even if hair regrowth is not evident.

  • Third, in over 70% of cases, hair loss appears to reverse, resulting in thicker and longer hair growth, and even new hair growth from previously inactive follicles.

    It's often recommended to combine treatments for optimal results. A mixture of RU58841 and minoxidil has shown impressive results, though studies indicate that RU58841 is more effective. The combination of the two treatments addresses the issue from various angles, leading to better overall results.

    However, be cautious when using minoxidil topically, as it may cause more side effects, including androgenic ones.

    There isn't much scientific evidence available to support claims about RU58841's hair loss benefits, as the compound hasn't been extensively tested on humans. Research on this topic is limited and mostly anecdotal, with a few animal studies conducted.

    A study comparing RU58841 and finasteride on balding monkeys was published in the Journal of Dermatology. The results showed hair follicle recovery rates of 88% in the finasteride group and 103% in the RU58841 group, with the anagen cycle normalizing in both groups. Finasteride has known androgenic effects on the body, while RU58841's impact on hormone levels was minimal.

Take online before and after photos and claims about RU58841 with a grain of salt.

 RU58841 may or may not work
  • The treatment is effective for many people, but it may not work for everyone.
    Applying RU58841 and dosage guidelines involve using it externally, preferably as a liquid. Apply it daily, focusing on the affected areas of the scalp, and adjust the frequency based on results.
    Regarding RU58841 versus finasteride, the latter has more side effects, whereas RU58841 is milder and more targeted due to its topical application.
    High-quality RU58841 is available from reputable sellers, despite the challenges in the supply of gray market chemicals. offers a 8% RU58841 liquid in a 30ml dropper bottle for $30.00, with propylene glycol and ethanol 96 as the base. MV Supplements ships from Sweden (EU)

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